High Res Elevation Maps

High Res Elevation Maps of Your Property

Northwoods Mapping offers custom mapping solutions for your home, business, or farm. We also provide high resolution topography and historical aerial photography mapping. Please contact us with any custom mapping requests you may have. All custom maps are GPS Map App compatible.

  • GPS (iPhone/iPad/Android) Map Features
  • View your location on a map using the built-in GPS device (requires iPhone and iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular or compatible Android device)
  • Access and load maps through iTunes File Sharing or Android file system or over a Wi-Fi or cellular network. Saved maps can be used without the need for a live network connection (offline).
  • Plot placemarks, change pin colors, position and label names, enter attribute data and notes
  • Measure distances and areas – save measurements to line data with the ability to import and export lines (as Google Earth KML)
  • Track real-time movement with GPS (includes speed and elevation statistics)
  • Save, export and import tracks into Google Earth (export to KML)
  • Save placemarks and quickly navigate to placemarks from a list view. Save associated placemark attribute data as KML, CSV, or GPX files and export to iTunes (iOS only), save to SD card (Android only), e-mail or sync with Dropbox.